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New Patients at Precision Chiropractic

Preparing for Your First Appointment

Please bring any recent MRI, MRI report, or X-rays to your consultation to give us the full picture of your condition and health history. We believe in diving deep to uncover what’s going on in your body to help you heal optimally.

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We’ll start by having you fill out a few forms before Dr. Oliver sits down to talk with you about your condition. Your visit begins by making sure you’re in the right place. We’ll review what’s wrong, how it affects your life, any medical tests or treatment you’ve received so far, and your health history, including previous accidents, traumas, surgeries, illnesses, and hospitalizations.If we’re confident that our approach to care can meet your health goals, we’ll move forward with an examination to check your posture, flexibility, and muscular tenderness and imbalances. Depending on your needs, we might do X-rays at the clinic, or refer you to a facility five minutes away. We never do X-rays for pregnant patients.

If you’re in severe pain or if you traveled far to get here, we might start with pain-relieving therapies or a preliminary adjustment. This first appointment usually lasts about an hour.

After your first visit, we’ll carefully review our findings and any imaging before making a personalized plan of care for your needs. We’ll then give your first adjustment and get you started with care.

Helping You Navigate Health Care

During your consultation, we’ll go over the cost of your first appointment and the estimated cost for your full plan of care. We’re upfront about finances without pressuring anyone.

We accept insurance and can tell you what your insurance will cover. If you’ve been in a car accident, we accept MedPay or a letter of protection from insurance if you have an attorney. You can also pay using an HSA.

Jump Into Healing Now

It’s time you got to the root of your health issue and got out of pain. Book today!

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