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About Precision Chiropractic

Our mission is to provide thorough care for various health problems, helping patients heal from the inside out. We’ll do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of what’s causing pain. Dr. Oliver will order MRIs or refer you to other specialists as necessary, as he focuses on comprehensive care to help you reach optimum wellness.

Precision Chiropractic exteriorHealth Care That Puts You First

We don’t give generic cracks. Our office is certified in gentle upper cervical care that safely resolves misalignments in the neck to respond to problems throughout the body.

Dr. Oliver opened Precision Chiropractic in 2009. Five years ago, we relocated to our current office, which is closer to 80% of our patients and easily accessible off 315. We love the neighborhood, as well as the bigger space, natural lighting, and ample parking here. Since we’re in the heart of Upper Arlington, our patients can get just about anywhere they need to go in 20 minutes.

While his Christian faith guides Dr. Oliver’s morals, evidence drives his approach to health care. Whatever your needs, he’ll apply his education and experience to help you find the right solution.

Changing Lives Without Medication

We’ve seen our care help patients overcome chronic pain, muscle weakness, constant headaches, and lack of functioning. One patient visited the ER three times a week for a month due to vertigo from Meniere’s disease. After one adjustment, she’s never had an episode of vertigo again.

Another woman used to have three to four migraines a week. MRIs showed no tumors or infections, so doctors didn’t know what to do. After one month of care, she made incredible improvements and now only gets a migraine about once every six weeks.

Take Back Your Health Today

We want to see you thriving. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about natural and gentle care with us.

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